What is addiction – Addiction is the continued use of a substance or act despite being harmful to the individual and it is beyond habit. There are many types of addiction and addiction to nicotine (tobacco), alcohol, drugs, volatile substance, gambling and caffeine are among the most common ones. Social and environmental factors play a role in the development of the addiction. The individiual might start something to try it out and later uses it for socializing purposes which continues as abuse and the individual becomes addicted to that object.


Physical and Psychological Addiction
1 – Physical Addiction: is a physical demand of the possession of the substance. In case the substance isn't injected/ingested into the body such negative symptoms like nausea, vomiting, trembling and shivering can be observed.

2 – Psychological Addiction: is the state of belief that the individual can't live without the substance, getting used to it and desiring the substance. Unless the substance is ingested/injected into the body, psychological symptoms anxiety and nervousness can be observed.

Both physiological and psychological addictions can be observed in any individual together and it is relatively easier to treat physiological addiction compared to psychological addiction because the treatment of psychological addiction is dependent on the will of the individual and requires a lengthy therapy process. To diagnose addiction as a psychiatric syndrome, it is sufficient that only three of the criteria mentioned below are observed together.

Developing a tolerance to the abused substance Emergence of symptoms of absence when substance is cut off or reduced Vain efforts to regulate or end substance abuse Spending a vast amount of time in pursuit of obtaining, using or giving up the substance Negatively effected social, personal and professional activities as a consequence of substance abuse Abuse of substance in increasing frequency and quantity or continuation of substance abuse despite development of or increase in psychological issues


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