We wanted to create a living space for all to enjoy, dedicated to high standards of quality and with a proffessional servicing mindset, focused on uninterrupted and unconditional satisfaction of our guests.

Ayka Vital Park, where boundaries and limits are removed, is a fully equipped setting in which you can get rid of the stresses of your busy life, mentally and physically. It is a unique place where you can enjoy a vacation in peace and also receive necessary medical treatment by our expert physicians and

qualified staff.

Our complex is located in Duacı neighborhood, in uptown Antalya, a renowned city of Turkey, surrounded by the forest. The humidity level of our complex, as a result of its location is around 35% lower than downtown Antalya. It is equipped with all sorts of sevice units to accommodate any needs of the guests. Architecturally, the structure has been designed to be coherent with nature. As a requirement of wellness, all of the equipment employed at our complex are certified to various International standard and are specifically chosen to have anti-allergic,

 anti-bacterial and anti-stress qualities.



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